Bus from Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport to Koh Chang island

Suvarnabhumi Burapa Bus line 392: a VIP bus connection from the main international airport in Bangkok to the tropical island of Koh chang (เกาะช้าง).

The most comfortable way for affordable travel between Koh Chang and Bangkok airport: the Suvarnabhumi airport <-> Koh Chang bus number 392, aka the Suvarnabhumi Burapha Bus service. This air conditioned VIP coach, with it's beach, sea and sun destination, will depart from Bangkok Airport and Koh Chang island every day for an multi destination journey, following below listed time tables. The Koh Chang - Trat - Chantaburi - Pattaya - Suvarnabhumi Airport bus currently runs once a day and is also the ideal means of transportation between other beach destinations like Pattaya.

Our VIP airport bus # 392 is the only full sized coach that can take up to 40 passengers from Suvarnabhumi Airport near Bangkok all the way to the island of Koh Chang in the eastern part of Thailand, if the sea level allows it. If the water is too low for the big bus to get safely onto and off the Centerpoint ferry, passengers will be transferred to vans and carried to their destination in those.

Other government and private bus operators, that usually start from a bus station in Bangkok, will only make a quick stop at Suvarnabhumi Airport's bus terminal and even stop a few times along the route for lunch and dropping off passengers at many locations, before unloading all passengers that are heading to Koh Chang, as well as their luggage, at the beginning of the pier in Laem Ngop on the mainland. From there those passengers are on their own to get all of their luggage to and from the ferries and up and down their small steep stairs and squeezing into the hot song teaw shared taxi's that have been waiting at the pier for more than an hour. Not so for our passengers: any Suvarnabhumi Burapha air conditioned first class VIP Bus will get onto the ferry with both passengers and luggage on board and unload in an comfortable area away from the hot ferry grounds.

Bus from Bangkok Airport to Koh Chang time table

Transfer from - to:  Departure:
Suvarnabhumi Airport to Koh Chang island 07:50
Koh Chang island to Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok 13:00
Suvarnabhumi Airport to Trat Bus station 07:50
Trat Bus station to Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok 14:40

Ticket price is set at 600 baht / person / one way or 900 baht / person / round trip between Koh Chang and Suvarnabhumi Airport

The Lonely Beach Express minibus service

To assists it's busy and slower larger brother, we have initiated a lightning fast (shared) minibus service direct from Bangkok's Suvarnbhumi International airport to Lonely Beach on Koh Chang. Currently there are 3 departures every day and these vans will take you to all the way to Ko Chang in a record time. Read more about that on the Lonely Beach Express minibus service page.