Bus 392: the better choice to Ko chang

Why did this bus service between Bangkok Airport and the island of Koh Chang just now came to be? Wouldn't it have been easier to increase number of buses that start from downtown Bangkok and go directly to the ferry piers in Laem Ngop? Not really and here is why:

What is different about this bus # 392 service?

The existing bus lines all had similar problems:

They typically start from a bus station within Bangkok city, which makes their arrival time at the airport somewhat unpredictable, as traffic can get very bad in the City at certain times. Our Bus number 392 only runs basically non-stop between Bangkok Airport and Koh Chang island, so the departure times are fixed.

Because those other buses start from a bus station in Bangkok, it is more difficult to find available seats for transfers from the airport to Koh Chang, as walk-in passengers might get priority over unsecured bookings from abroad, potentially even leading to overbookings. Often, mostly during the peak season, the seats would be full with passengers from downtown Bangkok, leaving passengers arriving at the airport with the option of first traveling to Trat city by bus and then switching to a smaller, non-air conditioned, bus there, to get to the ferry piers in Laem Ngop on the mainland opposite Koh Chang.

However, most important: all other buses will drop off passengers at the beginning of the ferry piers in Laem Ngop, where as the Suvarnabhumi <-> Koh Chang bus line takes you all the way onto the island to the Klong Son area, not far from the busy white sand beach area. Our Suvarnabhumi airport - Koh Chang express bus will just drive onto the Centerpoint ferry with all passengers and their luggage on board and, after a relaxing ferry ride of approximately 45 minutes, carry everyone over the first hills to Klong Son, where there will be several shared-taxi buses (so-called Song Teaw) and / or air conditioned minibuses waiting to carry our passengers all the way to their resort, hotel, bungalow or guesthouse anywhere on Ko Chang island. No need to carry all luggage and belongings from the bus to a public waiting area at the pier, from the waiting area a long way over the hot cement to the ferry, up the steep and small stairs to the passenger lounge and back down the same route upon arrival on the opposite side and getting in line for a Song Teaw transfer that may possible make you wait for the arrival of the next ferry boat, until there are enough passengers to share the cost of his long journey to the resorts, hotel and guesthouses along the west cost of Ko Chang island.

Safe and Secure

All of the Suvaranbhumi Burapha bus drivers have undergone a stringent selection and screening process and pass regular health and driving skill checkup's by certified professionals to ensure the safety of our passengers at all times. The bus is equipped with a state of the art video surveillance system for your driving safety and the safety of your person and personal belongings. Extra brake lights, fog lights and visibility markers have been put all around the bus, so it will be clearly visible when driving in heavy rains or when parked in a dark spot. During the drive, the chauffeur will be closed off from the cabin by a door, releaving him of potential distractions or good willed passengers that would like to have more information about a certain site of location around the road. Although the 2nd crew member will usually spend most of his time as the driver's second pair of eyes and possibly to study an experienced driver to see how he himself can one day before the captain of this coach, he will make rounds from time to time in the cabin and answer any question, where possible.

Also good for travel from Koh Kood, Koh Mak and other islands in the area

Even if you are traveling from Koh Kood via the Laem Sok speedboat piers or from Koh Mak via the Laem Ngop speedboat pier, you can enjoy the comfort of our BKK airport to Koh Chang express bus. Just use the free or nearly free shuttles from these piers to Trat Bus station to catch the bus to Bangkok international airport.