Bangkok Airport - Koh Chang bus rates

Transfer from - to: fare
Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok to Klong Son on Koh Chang island 600 THB
Klong Son on Koh Chang island to Suvarnabhumi Airport 600 THB

Bus Ticket Reservations and online booking form

For Bus tickets from Bangkok Airport to Ko Chang island, just fill out this form and we will confirm your booking within the next 18 hours or less.

Technical Difficulties...

Due to administrative as well as some minor technical difficulties we are no longer able to actually sell and issue bus tickets online, for which our sincere apologies. You can still buy tickets in advance from the ticket booth next to exit 8 on the ground floor at suvarnabhumi airport or in our office in Klong Son or on lonely beach on Koh Chang.

Where to stay on Koh Chang or Touring around Thailand?

If you haven't selected a place to stay on Koh Chang yet, we can highly recommend the resorts in the Siam Resorts Group: The Siam Beach Resort Koh Chang which has nearly all rooms directly on the world famous Lonely Beach, or the family and pet friendly Siam Bay Resort Ko Chang or, if you prefer a more budget friendly stay: the Siam Huts Koh Chang.

If you intend on touring this part of Thailand, you may also be interested in some other resorts that are a member of the Siam Resorts Group. On Koh Kood we highly recommend our Koh Kood Resort, which you can easily reach with one of the fast Koh Chang Speedboats that depart from the Kai Bae pier on Koh Chang. That same boat service can stop on quiet Koh Mak where we can recommend the Makathanee Resort or the more secluded Plub Pla Koh Mak retreat.